About Indigo and Roses

Welcome to the world of Indigo and Roses!

Thank you for visiting my online store and taking the time to learn a little bit more about me. 

My name is Krista, 42 years old and live with my partner and son in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I started Indigo and Roses after an almost life long dream to have my own business and to work towards a more sustainable goal. I’ve been working is fashion retail my hole adult life. First in store management later in visual merchandising. While working my last job as a visual merchandise manager I began to question the way fashion retail works more and more. It was clearly time for a change as my job no longer fit my life goals. 

I have been a collector of vintage my entire life. As a kid I would collect cool furniture during garbage days from the street and paint them. I loved dressing up, especially in my moms old 60s and 70s wardrobe. My Barbie dolls always had the best outfits, most of which I designed and made myself (some with help from my very creative mom). Later in life had a very rotating closet and would sell from my closet and home on Marktplaats and United Wardrobe (that later became Vinted). I really enjoyed making people happy with garments I used to love. Than it hit me, why not try this professionally. In a year the economy was very difficult. The war in Ukraine began, inflation became sky high and the gas bill went through the roof… All reasons not to do it, but I did it anyway. 

Indigo and Roses is my passion, my dream. I love collecting quality vintage, collecting pieces that have something to mend and give them a new life. My core business is collecting things 60s and 70s or have that bohemian and eclectic vibe. The quality of garments made 40 or more years ago is usually amazing. I try and stay away from trends, buy what I love and hope you will love too. At Indigo and Roses I aim to find pieces you will love now, and forever. 

Since januari 2024 Indigo and Roses is an official fur free retailer. Listed on furfreeretailer.com and bontvoordieren.nl 

Love, Krista