Festive Season

Festive Season

It might not be a surprise to you that I am not a big fan of single use occasion wear. Sweaters with antlers worn once on Christmas day, dresses that are picked for one single New Year’s Eve party. Don’t get me wrong, I also had pieces like this. When the millennial started, I sewed me and my partner silver suits we wore to a party, one time. All these hours of sewing for one single night.

These days, where knowing what the fashion industry is doing to our planet isn’t something we can hide from, I focus more on creating looks. Like taking a bunch of pins and brooches and grouping them together on the lapel of sleeve of a blazer. When done carefully you can easily change it back in it’s original state. About using accessories: on to necklaces. When you layer a bunch of them it just makes a statement, mix materials like stone, wood and metals but also mixing shades of metals is visually more interesting. Imagine the candlelight at dinner hitting the different shades of gold and silver, reflecting the light. On the topic of combining, stacking a bunch of (big) bracelets makes even the most simple top feel like a million bucks. When I think of Christmas time, I think of opulence and stacking, layering and grouping several pieces of jewelry embodies that in a simple way. Have some xl necklaces laying around? Try adding them to your belt and make your waist a big feature.

Add black. A true occasion-wear color, black. Even a summery feel batik top can turn in to a classic look when you layer it over a classic black turtle neck. Add a black (leather) skirt to a western fringe jacket and it lifts up the look, pair it with a typical christmassy colored shirt like green or red and voila, a Christmas look is born.

Mixing colors, prints and materials can be intimidating. If you feel like you want to tone it down a bit, keep it in the family. Mix cool tones like greens, blues and purples. Mix warm tones like oranges, pinks and reds. When you mix materials I feel like opposites attract. Soft, sheer and smooth like velvet, lace and leather. When mixing prints several options apply. Some examples are more of the same: big and small tartan or big and small dots. The rule of opposites attract also apply here. Stripe with dot and tartan can all work. Just go for harmony in either fabric, color or sizes of the print. 

My other advice for interesting looks is, layer up. Accessorize to the max. Gather a collection of different jewelry pieces, belts and scarfs that can transform a look. Try different things, use that belt to singe in the waistline of that blazer. Use a scarf as a belt, use a necklace as a belt embellishment. Layer and try, wear and try again. Go through your closet, see if there’s something there that will be interesting. And if you’re looking for that something extra special, I’ve got you!

Looking for some personal advise? I always love to help out, send me a message and we will make a magical look happen. For professionals, companies etcetera I charge a styling fee, rates can be discussed when sending me an email. Individuals can (but don’t have too) leave a tip in the digital tip jar. Looking for more free inspo and heads up when there’s a new collection or good discount coming up? Sign up, leave your email in the little box here on the site.


XOXO Krista

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