All about Indigo

All about Indigo

This latest collection I lovingly named “All About Indigo”. Originally every pair of jeans was colored with dye from the Indigo plant, that gave a beautiful shade of blue. I rarely come across a real indigo dyes jeans anymore. None the less, jeans is a fantastic product. It last almost forever (if you stay clear of the stretchy ones). When you find a perfect fit you’ll love it forever. Fun personal fact, my sons middle name is indigo. 

When I think of winter I think of cool tones, the color of a snowy day, blue skies, white snow, misty mornings. Warm and durable materials like wool, cotton and leather. For this collection I paired natural influenced items with flowers and matched them with checks Amand stripes. Classic patterns that will never go out of style. 

Have you ever made a complete blue look? The fun thing about blue is that every shade really complements the other. I’ve gathered some images for inspiration, what do you think? Do you have a favorite? They can all be found on my Pin Board (click the image) for you to save. Of course you are welcome to save my photos there as well. 

Hope you felt inspired, Krista 

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