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Indigo and Roses

Reworked 70s batik top

Reworked 70s batik top

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In this top east meets west. This original Indonesian batik mens shirt from the 70s was cropped to a cute length. The bottom part of the shirt I used to make huge ruffle cuffs. The bottom of the top has rough edges embellished Dutch handmade bobbin lace. The bobbin lace trim is old and it shows and I chose to embrace that beauty without repairing and bleaching. 

Size: EXL label, I would say fits most bodies.

Material: Cotton

Shoulder to shoulder: 47 cm

Pit to pit: 55 cm

Waist: 55 cm

Length: 42 cm Front, 50 cm Back

Sleeve length: 74 cm

Indigo and Roses reworked items are second hand or vintage items that are altered to be a unique and one of a kind piece. Thriftstores are full of good quality, well made pieces (that sometimes aren’t vintage and not unique). I like to give these pieces a second chance of being a star by altering them to their full potential. Reworked items can also include (heavily) damaged items (secondhand or vintage) that are repaired to shine once more. 

Most garments I sell are vintage. Defects are always mentioned but keep in mind I sell garments that are at least 30 years old, most are 40 or 50 years old. Some signs of wear can be expected of vintage. It’s part of the charm. Make sure you checked all pictures and descriptions before you purchase.

All sales are final.

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